I thought I should share -- for fear that I'll soon forget -- but also just cause it's fun especially for those of you (hint hint nod nod) who are thinking about getting pregnant sooner than later :) 

Symptoms: this just feels like a constant never-ending hangover (with no fun memories hehe)! yikes!! constant nausea (worst is around 3pm!), not super hungry for protein (but know these babies need lots!),  

Due Date: Originally, we thought we were due on April 23,2017 -- but that was before we found out we were having TWO! This moved up to 37 weeks -- April 2, 2017 :)

Best moments: seeing not one but TWO heartbeats on the ultrasound at week 7 (9/9/2016) --- btw, nothing can prepare you for that moment as a first-time parent to twins nonetheless!, sharing with our closest friends and families in fun ways! i'll never forget sharing with Keith & Kelley at the Diamondbacks game and just handing over the image from the ultrasound and Keith couldn't stop laughing for minutes on end like 'woah, you guys are in for it!' haha


First ultrasound - 9/9/16 - 7 weeks: we were just ready to see one healthy heartbeat and were so unbelievably shocked to see two! The Dr. said 'so what questions do you have for me?' and I think Russell and I were still reeling from hearing out the exciting news that we didn't even know how to respond... the only thing I remember asking was 'so does this mean I have to take double the prenatals? ' haha the answer is no!

Second ultrasound - 10/4/16 - 11 weeks: I was having a hard time craving protein which I know these babies need so wanted to ensure they were growing at the appropriate size which they were -- 1.73 inches for Baby A and 167 BPM while Baby B was at 1.63 inches and 167 BPM :) 

Sleep: sleeping well and lots! trying to get 9-10 hours which is easy when you don't feel too hot

Food cravings/ aversions: started craving salt so had lots of chicken noodle soup (costco pre-made yum!) and chex mix :) thankfully not many aversions or strength-of-smell yet!

Looking forward to: feeling better after the first trimester and being able to share the news with everyone!!!