Each baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe!!!! 11.8 inches tall from head to foot (length of an ear of corn) and each weigh 1.25 pounds 

  • The see-through skin is gradually becoming more opaque and baby’s got a new pink glow, thanks to the small capillaries that have recently formed.
  • Each baby still looks lean, but his body is filling out and he'll soon start to plump up.
  • Baby's brain is growing quickly, and his lungs are maturing, too: Air passages are branching out, and cells are beginning to produce surfactant, a substance that will help the air sacs stay inflated once your baby joins the outside world. 

Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: acid reflux, wrist pain (from sleeping)

Best moment this week: relaxing in the bath on Monday night and just enjoying seeing my body change for these amazing little humans... some days i get discouraged (most of the time) and others i just stare in amazement

Sleep: meh -- it's so so... have to get up at least once each night for pee break. twice this week I woke up to go pee and of course couldn't get back to sleep for 2.5 hours! Not fun!!


morning snuggles with my cuties

morning snuggles with my cuties

Looking forward to: our appointment on Friday 2/6 (it's been 5 weeks!) and seeing the baby boys on the ultrasound!!! 

UPDATE: we had our appointment and the boys are measuring right on time -- 1 lb, 7 oz each and according to twinstuff.com that is right on the money! 140 BPM heart rate and 33 percentile which sounds small but Dr. Schlecht said not to worry. My next appointment is my Gestational Diabetes test where I have to drink the sugary sweet orange drink and I am SO not looking forward to it! 

  • twin gestational size: http://www.twinstuff.com/what-are-the-ideal-weights-for-my-twin-babies-during-the-pregnancy/