Baby is the size of a: head of LETTUCE (whatever that means again) -- The average 27-week fetus measures 14.4 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds. 


  • At 27 weeks, baby is breathing (it’s amniotic fluid, not air, but still pretty cool) and even showing brain activity.
  • They're sleeping and waking at regular intervals, opening and closing their eyes, and perhaps even sucking their fingers. With more brain tissue developing, baby's brain is very active now. While their lungs are still immature, they would be capable of functioning – with a lot of medical help –if they were to be born now. 
  • 27 weeks pregnant is five months and four weeks pregnant. This is the last week of the sixth month and the last week of the second trimester.

Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: SORE feet! Not too swollen but man if I am up and getting my 10K steps in a day, my feet are not happy with me by the end of the day. Russell set up my foot spa on Thursday night in front of the TV and voila - problem solved! He's so good to me :) 

Best moment this week: we celebrated the incoming arrivals on our BABYMOON on Coronado Island!!!!! We stayed at 1906 Lodge, a Four Sisters bed and breakfast inn and we will definitely be back :) The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and our suite was AMAZINGLY nice with the coolest whirlpool spa view through the gas fireplace into the room (see pics) and the SOFTEST sheets ever (will be ordering Comfy Co sheets ASAP!). The drive out to Cali was easy especially since we had a half-day at work on Friday! It was a trip I will never forget. It was so loving and snuggly and perfect with everything in walking distance. 


Sleep: I've been getting REALLY stuffed up and congested at night and pretty much all day so thanks to breathe right strips, I am getting a few hours of shut-eye :/ 

Looking forward to: our 28 week (7 months!) appointment on Tuesday, Jan 31 to see the babies -- but not looking forward to having to drink the glucose drink for the Gestational Diabetes test. Hopefully its not too bad!