Baby is the size of an: EGGPLANT! 14.8 inches; 2.20 pounds

  • Baby᾿s starting to develop more fat, so the once-wrinkly skin will start to get smoother.
  • Baby᾿s lungs are mature enough that if born now, he'd probably survive. Wow!
  • They're now sleeping and waking at regular intervals, and you may have noticed that they're particularly active at certain times of the day. 
  • Babies' brains are growing quickly this month and their senses are improving. If you hold a bright light near your bump, you may feel them wriggling around as they turn their heads to face it.
  • This week starts my seventh month and third trimester!!! We get to meet our babies SOO soon!

Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: congestion out the wazoo! It is no fun. Did a TON of walking this weekend at the Waste Mgmt. PHX Open (10+ miles!) so my feet are swollen and I've needed to use the pedicure/spa bath Russell got me TWICE this week as well as going to get an actual 'pimped-out' pedicure with a delightful peppermint masque etc.

Best moment this week: our appointment on Tues 1/31 where we got to see the babies -- they're doing so well and measuring right on track - Baby A is 2lb 5oz, 146 BPM and Baby B is 2lb 9oz, 154 BPM! I also had a PVMOM (Mom's of Multiples) meeting this week and it was so fun getting to know other twin/ triplet mommies in the Valley. Below is a pic of me before the meeting that was requested by a friend (#bathroomselfie). 


Sleep: it's been OK but not waking up feeling 100% rejuvenated :)

Looking forward to: our next appointment on Valentines Day :)