Baby is the size of an: ACORN SQUASH? 15.2 inches; 2.54 pounds

  • Baby᾿s getting a little cramped in there, given how fast they're growing. I'm feeling lots of kicks and jabs throughout the day! The strangest feeling is when I'm driving and my tummy pops out momentarily
  • Baby᾿s growing white fat deposits under his skin, and his energy is surging because of it.

Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: congestion wow!!!! I've routinely woken up at 4am and haven't been able to really get back to sleep since all the nasal drainage (gross sorry). Also, feet are getting tired easily so gym shoes are a must even around the house

Best moment this week: Baby shower on 2/11 and what a hit! These boys are already so spoiled by their loved ones. Pics to follow :)

Sleep: as mentioned above, it has been a 4/10 :(

Looking forward to: Valentine's Day appt this week where I can bring my mom to finally meet my OB, Dr. Kerry Schlecht.