Baby is the size of a: Squash -- 16.6 inches; 3.75 pounds 


  • Baby᾿s getting ready for his or her descent—and is likely in the headdown position now.
  • And baby's probably feeling even more cramped.
  • At 32 weeks, my uterus typically measures about five inches above my belly button and since I'm pregnant with twins, your uterus is probably the same size as it would be at 40 weeks in a singleton pregnancy. Holy cow! 



Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: congested ALL THE TIME. My fingers are swollen especially when I wake in the morning which is no fun. My lower back has started to hurt lots which is requiring 2x a week chiropractic visits. 

Best moment this week: Our ultrasounds on Tues 2/28 and Fri 3/3 where we got to see the little cuties. They're measuring on the small side so I am trying not to get too anxious about that. The fetal fibronectin test came back negative which means that with 99% certainty these little guys will be cooking for at least two more weeks so I will get to 34 weeks which has been a mini-goal along the way. 37 in a perfect world though! 

Sleep: I get up probably 2-3x a night since I get uncomfortable and something falls asleep like my legs or arm so that's not too fun ;)

Looking forward to: our Tuesday appointment on 3/7 at PHX Perinatal where they will hopefully get better, more accurate, measurements of our boys little tummies and tell us we're all good!