Baby is the size of a: Cantaloupe -- about 4.7 pounds and 17.7 inches :)

  • Watch what you say! These curious babies can hear voices and listen in on your conversations at 34 weeks pregnant. I think this is so sweet, I just had to share from @The Bump -- "In fact, baby might enjoy a lullaby or two—so go ahead and sing to him or her. Some experts say that, after birth, babies can recognize songs mom sang while pregnant; they may even be more easily soothed by those familiar tunes once they're “on the outside.” And no, baby won’t care if you’re singing a bit off-key."
  • I also think this is a good factoid to know -- If you’re 34 weeks pregnant with twins, you might be feeling pretty antsy. That could be a subtle psychological sign that the babies are coming soon. For twin moms-to-be, the countdown is officially on, since the average twin pregnancy lasts about 35 to 37 weeks. If there’s no need to deliver your babies early, you’re likely to go into labor around 37 weeks.

Due Date: 4/2/2017

Symptoms: swollen fingers, constant congestion (I finally started taking Benadryl for it and allergies -- I didn't know I could!)

Best moment this week: still feeling lots of kicks which is fun. but these two-a-week + Dr's appt's are getting a little old :(

Sleep: at this point it's pretty pointless / awful since I constantly have to re-adjust since hands/ feet fall asleep or I have to get up to pee. hehe!

Looking forward to: we officially have a scheduled induction date of April Fools Day! I have been asked to check into Labor & Delivery at Scottsdale / Shea Honor Health hospital at 12 midnight (so really Friday night the 31st) and will begin the induction process. I am quite nervous but also sooo relieved to know that these baby boys will be here sooner than later and April Fools babies at that. How fun?! Here's to spending some extra quiet time with Russ these next few days -- we will be parents to TWO in no time! 

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