Six Months

On 10/1/2017, Owen & Brooks turned SIX Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 14 lbs 10 oz, 25.5cm (as of 10/3/2017)
  • Brooks weighs 14 lbs 6 oz, 25.25cm (as of 10/3/2017)


  • Our swim lessons (we just graduated to the next level at Hubbard Swim School!)
  • Cooler weather!
  • Scout – we hear her paws on the floor and always are excited to watch her go
  • Eating time! We’re now enjoying rice and oatmeal cereal mixed with milk
  • Being on a nap schedule
  • Learning and playing with our nanny, Logan <- what a Godsend!
  • Visits from Grandparents – those that live in AZ and OH!
  • Watching fish in the fish tank
  • New friends! (welcome to the world Jack, June, and Maddie)
  • Playing airplane

We don't like: 

  • Diaper rash (these poor guys had a rough stretch of unexplained diarrhea for a week and no one had fun)
  • Sleeping on our backs (we prefer side)
  • Getting our noses cleaned with the Nose Frida or boogie wipes

Our Differences: 

  • Owen is very smiley and pretty much a huge flirt. Brooks, on the other hand, is always questioning and remains curious. Brooks makes people work for the smiles while Owen gives them up for free.
  • Owen doesn’t like cold milk
  • Brooks loves to breastfeed
  • Own would rather take a bottle since it’s less work 😊
  • Brooks is definetly a better eater and can fully hold his bottle by himself
  • Owen is a better sleeper
  • Owen prefers oatmeal cereal mixed with milk while Brooks prefers rice cereal – here we go 😊

We are:

  • Wearing 3-6 month clothes and are in size 2 diapers

We can: 

  • Almost sit unassisted
  • Roll over assisted
  • Grab and move things (rattles, sensory balls etc.)
  • Giggle during airplane
  • 'Talk' outloud -- especially in the mornings. We like the world to know we're awake!

What happened this month: 

  • On 9/2, we went to Two Brothers with M&M for a last date before they welcomed their little one
  • On 9/6, Brooks graduated from his docband! Thanks for the great and quick experience Cranial Technologies. In and out of my helmet to fix my noggin in 7 weeks! 
  • On 9/10, we had a baby party at Ame's house with Mom's friends from Modern Milk's Happy Mom School. What fun! Mom likes margaritas. Dad likes beer.
  • On 9/13, Mom had to go on a business trip to Austin for a Zillow New Home Construction conference so we got to have dad time - lucky us!
  • On 9/21, we went to another baby party at the Mardeuz house. How fun to visit with cousin Jack, baby Grace and Weston!
  • On 9/23, Mom & Dad got to meet baby June!
  • On 9/24, Mom & Dad got to celebrate 2 years of marriage starting with drinks at the Covenant and a delicious meal for AZ Restaurant Week at Hearth 61. Yummo!
  • On 9/ 28, Grandma Di came to visit us and Daddy went to New Orleans to celebrate Uncle Spencer's bachelor party. They had lots of fun and Dad came home more sleepy than he did before he left! 

Photos: some of our firsts from month six!