Seven Months

On 11/1/2017, Owen & Brooks turned SEVEN Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 15ish (last appt was at 6 months)
  • Brooks weighs 15ish 


  • Eating - Mom, Dad & Logan are trying this new technique called baby led weaning (BLW) from Feeding Littles (highly recommend the class) -- we’re now enjoying all kinds of things: strawberries, avocado, sweet potato, turkey, eggs
  • Playing airplane with Daddy and 'BLAST OFF!'
  • Bath time splashing
  • Reading time (sometimes)
  • Lotion time (after bath)
  • Playing with eachother - we now share / steal toys from one another 

We don't like: 

  • Getting our noses cleaned with the Nose Frida or boogie wipes
  • Being overtired if we are bad nappers
  • When our brother steals our toy 
  • Our 'witching hour' is from 4-7 where we just aren't too happy anymore and probably are getting a little bored. This is when we go on nice long walks and that usually quiets us down while we wait for daddy to come home to hang wiht us and start bath time and bed routine .


Our Differences: 

  • It's amazing - we're growing more similar but also more different everyday. It is easy to tell us apart as Owen has lots of dark hair and Brooks looks alot like Mom. Brooks' hair is lighter and he has less. Brooks also has bright blue eyes and Owen's are more hazel / green. So handsome! 
  • O likes to be on the move and can slide and move around in 360 spins
  • B is completely content sitting and watching things. He doesn't have the desire to move yet but has an amazingly strong core 
  • Brooks is more musically inclined we have found and has started dancing (moving his head back and forth to the music)

We are:

  • Wearing 6 month clothes and are still in size 2 diapers. Our favorites are Pampers because they absorb lots! But mom doesn’t like the baby powder smell.

We can: 

  • Sit unassisted!!
    • Brooks sat on his own for the first time for 2+ mins before he got too tired on Friday, October, 13th
    • Owen, a few days later, on the 19th
  • Roll over assisted! Owen does it all the time 😊
  • Smile TONS at Mom & Dad, Grandparents, Logan, Scout
  • Sign – Logan, our nanny, has taught us how to sign ‘more’, ‘eat’ and ‘all-done’ this month!

What happened this month: 

  • On 10/4, we officially graduated again from Happy Mom Grad School at Modern Milk
  • On 10/20, we went to our first Halloween event at the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Garden with Mom and Nanny Logan. It was so fun to see all the pumpkins! Cannot wait to go next year!
  • On 10/22, we met June, Auntie and Uncle Shelley and Mike and Uncle DB Jason at Macdonald's Ranch. It is amazing how warm it is still in AZ at this time. We went home and had a football day with our friends and that was fun!
  • On 10/28, we went to Lola's house for our friends Halloween party! Funny how all parties are now baby parties! We dressed up as Clark Kent and Superman and it was a hit! 
  • On Halloween, we dressed up as mini Reese' pieces thanks to Grandma Kelley's awesome costume decoration and we walked around the neighborhood! Mom & Dad ate all our candy --- RUDE! 

Photos: some of our firsts from month seven!