One Month

Today, 5/1/2017, Owen & Brooks are ONE Month old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 7 lbs 2 oz, 20cm (as of 5/4/2017)
  • Brooks weighs 6 lbs 4 oz, 19.75cm (as of 5/4/2017)


  • car rides 
  • bath time!
  • visits from friends and family
  • skin-to-skin with Daddy
  • Grandma Di's singing
  • Facetiming with Uncle John, Grandpa Ry and Auntie Jorie
  • Mama's (*)(*) ;)
  • neighborhood walks with Scout pup
  • mama-roo time!

We don't like: 

  • getting cold when we get our diapers changed
  • getting our temperature taken @ the Drs office
  • shots! ouch
  • waiting to get fed! 
  • tummy-time

We are:

  • wearing preemie clothes and diapers

We can: 

  • make cute squeaks and grunting noises
  • hold hands (when we're forced to!)
  • wake up from a deep sleep out-of-nowhere wailing and HANGRY!

What happened this month: 

  • We were born on April Fools Day, 2017 just barely at 11:22 and 11:24pm :) 
  • We had so many wonderful visitors at the Hospital: Grandma & Grandpa Reese, Grandma Di, Stacy & Spencer, ReiAnne, Ryan & Katherine, Lauren & John, Michael & Michelle, Jason, Auntie Cathy, Aunt Judy, Cousin Carrie, Cathy Scarla!
  • On Weds., April 5th, we got to come home! We didn't make a peep on the car-ride home and we were welcomed by Auntie Rei (with lunch!), the stork announcing our birth and most importantly, Scout pup! Michelley & Bev came over, too! What fun! 
  • On Sat., April 8th, we had our newborn photoshoot! Then Great- Grandma Reese, Uncle Dave & Steph, Grandma & Grandpa Keith & Kelley came over for a visit.
  • On Sun., April 9, we got to meet Cousin Ryan!
  • On Thurs., April 13, we got to meet Uncle John!
  • On Sat., April 15, we went to Four Peaks on our first date night sans babies (with John & Jason DB) and Mama got to have her first beer to celebrate! Bev & Grandma Di babysat :)
  • On Sun., April 16, we celebrated our first holiday - Easter Sunday!
  • On Weds., April 26, we got to meet our cousins Avery & Reagan!


  • First bath: April 8
  • First walk: April 9 (with Grandma Di & Scout)
  • First store: April 20 - Target 
  • First dinner out: April 28 - The Creek Patio & Grill (with Grandma Di)
  • First bar: April 29 - The Duce (for Jason & Jordann's bday celebration)

Funny things: 

  • Brooks peed all over his face and tummy (like a fountain!) when we were in the hospital and he was so shocked he started crying... Mama and Daddy were trying to contain our laughter
  • Owen peed on Daddy in the newborn photoshoot during their 'nekkie' shot -- that was bound to happen!

Photos: some of our firsts from month one!