Three Months

Today, 7/1/2017, Owen & Brooks are THREE Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 11 lbs 5 oz, 21.25cm (as of 6/27/2017)
  • Brooks weighs 10 lbs 8 oz, 21cm (as of 6/27/2017)


  • Smiling!!
  • Tummy time (sometimes)
  • Story time / reading with Daddy -- some of our favorite books: fraturtles (about fraternal twins), two is for twins, chicka chicka boom boom
  • Singing with mommy -- old mcdonald, skinnamarink, frere jacques, itsy bitsy spider
  • Swimming lessons at Hubbard School 
  • Grandparent visits - Grandma Di came to see us again for a long time & we're lucky enough to see Grandma / pa Reese almost every weekend!
  • BBQs - yum!
  • Watching soccer with Daddy

We don't like: 

  • Nap time when we're not ready
  • Upset stomachs - thank goodness for Gripe Water!
  • Doorbells (our sister, Scout gets really excited and like to wake us up). Hello Sleeping baby sign!
  • Overstimulation - we get fussy if tired
  • 120+ degree weather - who likes that? 
  • Nail trims - we're told our sister, Scout hates them too!

We are:

  • Wearing 0-3 month clothes and have moved to size 1 Diapers. Huggies is our preferred brand after trying Honest, Pampers & more

We can: 

  • smile! (Owen's first was on 6/7/2017 and Brooks on 6/17/2017) :) see picture evidence
  • 'Play' the piano with our feet on our kick and play piano mat
  • Roll over assisted
  • start grasping things
  • follow with our eyes

What happened this month: 

  • On 6/7, we had our two month old appointment and got shots. Thankfully Daddy could help make us feel better and we got to spend the afternoon snuggling as a family
  • On 6/10, we celebrated our cousin, future Baby Patchak! We can't wait to meet him. We then rushed across town to meet our second cousin (Mom's cousin) Richie
  • On 6/11, we went to our first professional sports game - the Diamondbacks with the PVMoM group!
  • On 6/15, aunt Bunny / Jenny came over to visit us and see our nursery
  • On 6/18, Aunt Stacy & Uncle Spencer picked us up and took us to Grandma & Grandpa Reese' and Auntie Michelle and Uncle Michael watched us overnight and we were good!
  • On 6/18, we celebrated our first Father's Day
  • On 6/19, we had our DocBand / helmet appointment at Cranial Technologies (Brooks will need one)
  • On 6/24, we . We then celebrated cousin Emma's birthday and got to visit lots of family! 
  • On 6/25, we had a playdate with baby Weston (shoutout to Ali and Alex if you're reading). What fun you are to watch Weston! We then had our first swim lesson at Hubbard! We did great and are turning out to be water- babies!
  • On 6/27, we 'graduated' from Modern Milk's Happy Mom School. We finished up with True Food lunch 
  • On 6/28, we picked up Grandma Di from the airport and got to have sleepovers!


  • first BBQ: 6/3 (@ the Mardeuz) - we got to meet so many future friends!
  • first Owen smile: first caught on camera on 6/11 at the Diamondbacks game when Daddy and I were cheering!
  • first Brooks smile: ~ 6/17 - just a few days behind big bro (when Mom & Dad were both giving me attention) but to-die-for cute nonetheless!
  • first time sleeping 6 hours: 6/16! Hallejujah but not consistent :/
  • first frozen yogurt: 6/19 (Father's Day treat!)
  • first music class at the MIM with our friends, Matthew, Ames & Jackson: 6/24
  • first swim class at Hubbard: 6/25

Photos: some of our firsts from month three! 

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