Two Months

Today, 6/1/2017, Owen & Brooks are TWO Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 9 lbs 15 oz, 21.25cm (as of 6/7/2017)
  • Brooks weighs 9 lbs 3 oz, 21cm (as of 6/7/2017)


  • the fan and watching the blades go round and round. totally fascinating! 
  • looking at pictures on the wall of Mommy & Daddy
  • riding in the car -- we fall asleep pretty often! (thank goodness!)
  • trips to Costco (duh!)
  • our Nuryl music app (which plays classical music to stimulate our brain)
  •  bath time with Mommy!

We don't like: 

  • when the car is idle -- aka at a stop light or in the Starbucks drive-thru 
  • sleeping long stretches
  • the way our tummy feels when we need to burp
  • being cold

We are:

  • wearing newborn clothes and diapers

We can: 

  • smile! 
  • crush tummy time
  • accept kisses from the Scout pup on our toesies :)

What happened this month: 

  • On May 3, Grandma Di left after being here taking care of us for a whole month. How lucky are we?!
  • On May 7, Mom & Dad took the 'Taking Cara Babies' class at Modern Milk thinking they would learn sleep tips on how to get us on a schedule <- funny them! 
  • On May 11, Mom took us to her first post-baby workout with Fit4Mom and boy was it fun being pushed around and sung to. 
  • On May 12, Mom & Dad went to cousin Morgan's wedding and cousin Carrie and Auntie got to babysit us!
  • On May 14, we got to celebrate Mom on Mother's Day! Daddy helped us with our gift of a picture and our footprints on an ornament as well as treating Mom to a much-needed massage!
  • On May 16, Mom started taking us to the 'Happy Mom School' at Modern Milk and oh what fun it is!
  • On May 20, we got to meet 'Auntie' Liza and Bill. They watched us overnight so Mom & Dad could get some sleep... whatever that is! We're so excited to go to Vail in a few weeks to celebrate their wedding! 
  • On May 26, Mom & Grandpa Ry took us on our first roadtrip to Sedona! Wow how pretty it was! We slept the whole car ride :)
  • On May 29, we celebrated Memorial Day with the Reese family up in Desert Mountain and we dipped our feet in the pool for the first time! 


  • first Costco trip: 5/6
  • first trip to Starbucks: 5/6 (to visit Auntie Rei)
  • first trip to True Food Kitchen: 5/9 (to visit cousin Ryan Patchak)
  • first workout w/ Mommy: 5/11 (Fit4Mom Stroller Strides at Desert Ridge)
  • first salon: 5/12 (primp & blow dry bar on High Street)
  • first hand-holding: 5/15
  • first carwash: 5/16
  • first Oregano's pizza visit: 5/18
  • first out-of-town visitors (besides family): Liza & Bill Krasner
  • first Trivia night: 5/24
  • first visit to Chick-Fil-A: 5/25
  • first music class: 5/25 (Musicology with Grandpa Ry)
  • first BBQ: 5/28 to celebrate Memorial Day @ M&Ms
  • first toes in water: 5/29

Photos: some of our firsts from month two!

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