Five Months

On 9/1/2017, Owen & Brooks turned FIVE Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 14 lbs 2 oz, 25.5cm (as of 9/16/2017)
  • Brooks weighs 13 lbs 15 oz, 25.25cm (as of 9/16/2017)


  • Our new nanny, Logan, who is coming to our house and teaching us sign language and Spanish
  • Airplane makes us giggle!
  • When Mom & Dad sing us silly songs 
  • Swim classes with Ms. Erin @ Hubbard Family Swim School
  • Football days with Dad
  • Mom's new big car! Thanks Acura of Peoria -- Jorge, Eugene and Dennis :)

We don't like: 

  • Getting our manicures / nail trims
  • Diaper rash -- ouch!
  • Being hot in the car seat
  • Being hangry like mom

Our Differences: 

  • This month, Brooks has started on rice cereal mixed with breastmilk while Owen hates the consistency and isn't quite ready yet
  • Owen prefers to sleep on his side: Brooks likes to face his right 
  • Brooks likes to eat (see chunky cheeks)
  • Brooks is a grabber (loves hair and necklaces) and loves to stretch his toes out wide
  • Brooks likes sucking on his thumb
  • Owen likes to kick and chew on his whole hand

We are:

We can: 

  • Roll over assisted
  • Grab and move things (rattles, sensory balls etc.) Special shoutout to Manhattan Toy Co -- these boys love your stuff! 
  • Giggle during airplane
  • 'Talk' outloud -- especially in the mornings. We like the world to know we're awake!
  • Almost sit unassisted

What happened this month: 

  • On 8/4, we took our very first airplane ride to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit Grandma Di. Big thanks to Auntie Cathy for helping us! We got to visit lots of friends and family and had the best of times plus we got to have a photo shoot -- hi to Uncle Tom & Ann, cousin Clark, 'aunties' Jorie and Cassie, Grandpa Ry and Wynna, uncle John, PPC & lots of Grandma Di's gal pals! We missed Daddy a ton though and were so happy to see snuggle him again
  • On 8/11, Uncle John visited us again and we showed him our new tricks!
  • On 8/21, our nanny, Logan, started coming to our house to take care of us. Mom & Dad like that they don't have to pack us up and put us into the car every morning now! Plus she is teaching us so much! We are so lucky.
  • On 8/29, Brooks tried his first 'food' which is rice cereal mixed with breastmilk. Yum! O man is not a fan quite yet :) 

Photos: some of our firsts from month five!