Nine Months

On 1/1/2017, Owen & Brooks turned NINE Months old!

We are...

  • Owen weighs 16lbs 11oz; 27 inches tall – as of 1/3 (9 month appointment)
  • Brooks weighs 16lbs 11oz; 27.5 inches tall


  • Crawling around
  • Watching / listening to Scout pup
  • Our new nanny, Denise . Thank you @Butterfly Baby Concierge for helping us find her!
  • Water! Bath time, swim and washing our hands – we love splashing and watching
  • Scouts dog toys and dog bowl – we just found it

We don't like: 

  • Getting our faces washed off
  • When mom or dad leave the room – separation anxiety is starting :/

Our Differences: 

  • It's amazing - we're growing more similar but also more different everyday.
  • Owen loves to be on the move – crawling, cruising and pulling himself up onto things.
  • Brooks is also officially on the move as of 1/4!  
  • Brooks still has blue eyes. Owen’s are greenish – hazel.
  • Brooks loves music and likes food more than his brother.
  • Brooks doesn’t nap as well as his brother.
  • Brooks LOVES Scout and makes the cutest high-pitched sounds. He is very talkative now.
  • Owen screams and likes to hear himself haha.

We are:

  • Wearing 6-9 month clothes and are still in size 2 diapers but are quickly needing size 3s!

We can: 

  • Crawl
    • Brooks started on 1/4! Owen on 11/19.
  • Giggle loudly
  • 'Talk' out loud
  • Sign basic commands
  • Shake our head ‘no’
  • Clap

What happened this month: 

  • 12/1 - dinner at True Food Kitchen with Mom & Dad, It's getting hard to take us out to eat. We like to move too much!
  • 12/4 - we visited Coach House in Scottsdale which is where Mom & Dad met on 12/12/12. It was loud.
  • 12/5 - we went to the PVMoM fall fest and saw tons of our twin friends at the train park. It was fun and a beautiful day!
  • 12/8 - Mom & Dad had a night out to celebrate Daddy being awarded 'Presidents Club' at work. His peers and supervisor voted for him and he won! Mom & Dad get to go on a baby-free cruise in March to the Caribbean all expenses paid thanks to Dad's hard work! Way to go.
  • 12/9 - we went over to our friend Deacon's house for a baby Christmas party with our Happy Mom School grad friends! What fun!
  • 12/16 - we got to meet Santa for the first time at Dad's work and had a pancake breakfast! Yum!
  • 12/23 - we went to Grandma & pa's house for our first annual cookie baking extravaganza! The Reese fam loves their cookies - especially mom! 
  • 12/25 - we had our first Christmas! Grandma Di and Uncle John were in town and we went to Grandma/pa Reese house to celebrate. We're told this was the day last year that everyone found out we were two boys in mom's tummy! 


Photos: some of our firsts from month nine!